For Review #1

Even if we no longer believe in a deity, a degree of repression is seemingly necessary to our species and to the adequate functioning of a half-way ordered and loving society. A portion of our libido has to be forced underground, repression was not just for the Catholics, the Muslims and the Victorians, it has to be with us for eternity. Because we have to go to work, commit ourselves to relationships, care for our children and explore our own minds, we cannot allow our sexual urges to express themselves without limit, online or otherwise; it would destroy us. Sex is a force from which we should not realistically ever expect or want to be entirely be “liberated.”

More on this article later.


Let’s start with some definitions. The most common answer (at least apocryphally) to the question “what is porn?” is “I know it when I see it”. A better answer might be “I know it when I feel it”, which is to say, pornography is a tool for arousing and then satiating or extinguishing lust (to be more blunt, pornography is anything you immediately lose interest in after ejaculating). Thus, under this definition, pornography and masturbation are more or less inseparable, where porn is the hammer and masturbation is the nail.